Live Performances

My books are open for performances with or without a live band. Inquire about rates.


I have ample experience with writing original songs across dance-pop and R&B genres. From vocal toplines to lyrics to song structure critique, I'm happy to assist in making your song the best that it can be! 

  • Project name: Alana Rich (current music project) | Lyrics, vocal topline & arrangement, and vocal performance by me.
  • Project name: Popcraft | A collaborative sync music project. Lyrics, vocal topline, and vocal performance by me.

Session vocalist*

Have a song that needs a lead vocal performance, vocal layers, or ad-lib suggestions? See examples of my work, below:

  • Project name: Club is Jumpin' - Alok | I provided vocals for this project.
  • Project name: Popcraft | A collaborative sync music project. Lyrics , vocal topline, and vocal performance by me.

*Please note that session vocals do not typically include metadata credits, such as a co-main or feature credit. If you'd like to discuss a co-main or feature credit, be sure to clearly detail your expectations in your email so that I may provide an accurate rate. :)

Event Curation 

I've produced small-to-medium sized events across the music and arts industries. From planning, managing, and overseeing an idea from conception to implementing logistics to promotional marketing, I have an adequate amount of experience to lead a successful event. I also offer a-la-carte options, such as event flyer design, consulting, and so forth. 

  • Project name: Pop Fever Music & Arts Showcase | Founded in 2022
    • Event recap video (Feb 8, 2023 at Holocene PDX) and feature on KOIN6 News 
  • Project name: Meet & Eat Social Hour, Featuring a Unique Culinary Art Experience | Event Page
    • Event recap video (May 22, 2023)
  • Project name: KPOP Nights - a KPOP-inspired Dance Party at Spark Lounge
    • Event Recap Videos 


Have a question? Need guidance on how to get started on your independent music career? I'm happy to help and answer to the best of my ability. 

Get in touch! Contact with your inquiries. I look forward to hearing from you!